Trapani con motore a scoppio HB26 HB40 Stone Break Stone Drill

motore a scoppio ,maneggevole HB26 HB40 Stone Break Stone Drill da Filoni SRL

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Demolition or drilling machines by last generation; the high quality of these products has not rivals on the market. Thanks to the right balance between power and handling, they reveal their value even in extreme situations and not only in the ordinary yards. They have been tested with success and satisfaction in the most inaccessible places: from deserts to glaciers of Greenland, up to the high peaks of the Andes. Designed to work outdoor, where the electricity network is not available, they allow greater autonomy compared with the use of battery tools.


Used by mountain guides, instructors of canyoning and speleology to equip climbing routes or to secure mountain trails; lovers of mineralogy appreciate the product to make holes in any type of rock without any difficulty; farm works


Easy to take in the yard, no losses of time, no electrical and dangerous cables. On the roofs, in the road yards for installation of protective nets or for works at height, to work at low temperatures. On farms or nurseries, in the quarries of marble or stone, in shipyards or building yards. Civil Protection, Fire Brigade and Mountain Rescue have always it with them.
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