Breaker Drill Stone Break


STONE BREAK is a breaker drill with insertable percussion; it can be used to drill (max diameter 90 mm.) hard materials (i.e. rock, ice, concrete, bricks, metals) and other materials (i.e. wood, snow, etc.) Use the drill outdoor, in open-air or well-aerated rooms.

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Breaker drill with explosion engine

Practical and always ready, from courtyard to mountains

dimensions: cm 70×24,5x31h
weight: Kg 11
weight with package: Kg 17,8
fuel: mixture of petrol and oil 2%-5%
tank capacity: lt 0,9
fuel consumption ratio: 898 g/kW*h
engine: 44,9 cc
net power: 1,62KW—2,17 HP
hole diameter with standard tool: max 40 mm
impact force: max 9 J
drill range: SDS-max
level of sound pressure dB: 92,9 dB
level of sound power dB: 110,5 dB
level of vibration m/s2: 30 m/s²
drilling: NO
hammer drilling: YES
chisellling: YES

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